Natural Fertility

Many women don’t know they have other options when having fertility issues other than jumping to IUI, Clomid or IVF. It has been shown that preparing the body for fertility with Chinese medicine increases a couples chances of conception up to 70% depending on age and other contributing factors. The idea is preparing the soil before planting the seed. Ideally we start doing this one year before you are trying to get pregnant but at least three to six months of treatment time is needed. In this time, not only will we do treatments with acupuncture and herbs but also dietary and lifestyle counseling to optimize your health for optimal fertility and also a healthy pregnancy.

How does it work?

Acupuncture and herbs are able to naturally balance hormones, bring proper blood supply to the uterus and ovaries and bring about healthy ovulation and menstrual cycles all of which are important in enabling increased fertility.

Many women suffer from various gynecological issues which need to be balanced previous to trying to conceive. We are able to treat issue such as ; PCOS, Endometriosis, Low Ovarian reserve, Painful Periods, Heavy Periods, Ovulatory Dysfunction, Irregular Periods, Thin Endometrial Lining, Amenorrhea, Luteal Phase Defect, Recurrent Miscarriages, Poor Egg Quality, High FSH and other Imbalanced Hormones.

Without first treating these issues it makes getting pregnant more challenging so while we are enhancing your fertility we are also treating the problems at hand in order to make getting pregnant that much easier!

How much time does it take ?

Not only do we advise at least six months of treatment for women, we also recommend at least three to six months of treatment for men, since acupuncture has been proven to increase sperm supply,quality and improve the morphology and mobility. We highly advise when couples are seeking fertility help that both partners are involved since this only increases the health of both partners and their fertility potential.

Our program

Treatment is catered specifically for the patient since this is how Chinese medicine works. Every patient is different even if they may have the same contributing factors. My fertility program is designed differently for everyone’s specific needs and diagnosis. With time, commitment and patience, a lot of miracles can happen.

The main components of my program include :

Acupuncture : Regular treatment to help balance the body and mind and deal with any hormonal or gyenocological issues that may be present. Once to twice a week for six months is the ideal amount of time though some patients need more and others need less.

Herbal Formulas : All of my formulas are sourced through a company in California who only sells high quality Chinese herbs, free of any toxins or heavy metals. The formulas themselves have been designed by master herbalists from hundreds to thousands of years ago. These formulas have been used for centuries and prescribed by Chinese medicine Dr’s for the specific use of balancing hormones, healing specific gynecological issues and enhancing fertility.

Nutritional Therapy : Just as we use Chinese herbs to help heal specific issues and balance others, the same goes with food. In Chinese medicine all food has specific medicinal properties and temperatures. I combine using food medicinally with other forms of nutritional therapy specific to enhancing fertility. I also encourage all of my patients to learn about eating organic since there has been a lot of recent studies on the connection between agro chemicals, GMO’s and infertility

Meditation :  It is known there is a great connection between the mind ( or heart) and the body. With fertility, we want to connect the heart and the uterus. We also want to calm the mind. A calm mind helps give way to a healthier and happier body and spirit which can greatly effect fertility. I am a huge meditation advocate and make it an important part of my Natural Fertility Program.

Learning about your ovulation : We only get twelve opportunities  a year for conceiving a baby which is why it’s important to really know when you ovulate. Learning through Basal Body Temperature charting is the most accurate and best way since it shows your your body’s patterns. It also helps me learn what part of your cycle may or may not be out of balance and if and when you are ovulating.

When we tend and prepare the soil, the seed will grow strong!