Pre-Conception / Fertility

fertility (1)Pre-Conception/Fertility: 

Chinese medicine looks upon fertility as a farmer would look upon their land — creating a nourished and fertile soil for the seeds to grow into the most strong and vibrant plants they can become.  This is the same idea for created a fertile environment in the body. To achieve this we begin 6 months to a year before your desired conception time through acupuncture, herbs and dietary therapy so when the time is ripe your fertility is at its utmost potential. Chinese Medicine has been treating and enhancing fertility for thousands of years and in today’s modern world we are now seeing through medical research how acupuncture can increase successful IVF outcomes up to 70% greater than IVF alone.  TCM can regulate hormones, increase the quality of ovarian function and follicular quantity, increase blood flow to the uterus and help thicken uterine lining to help with implantation, increase sperm count and motility, reduce chances of miscarriage and decrease stress & anxiety.