Pre-Natal Services



Chinese Medicine has much to offer both mother and baby during pregnancy. Each trimester comes with its own characteristics and issues that go hand & hand. Regular check -ins and treatments can play an integral role in a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

The first trimester is considered a time where the fetus is in a delicate place,  so we offer therapeutic guidance to nurture and support this incredible new life. As the fetus grows and becomes stronger, often minor discomforts of pregnancy can be effectively treated with acupuncture, herbs, and dietary recommendations. In preparation for birth itself, acupuncture can be quite helpful in assisting the body to move energy downward in the body, which is what birth needs to happen. In addition to that, if a baby may not be in the correct position, transverse or breached, acupuncture has an 80 % success rate of turning the baby as has allowed many women to proceed with natural labor.


Here is a general list of what acupuncture can help with during pregnancy, labor and post-partum :

  • Prevents miscarriage
  • Prevents threatened miscarriage including ruptured membranes
  • Placenta previa
  • Morning sickness
  • Acid Reflux
  • Constipation
  • Varicose veins
  • Insomnia
  • Slow growth of fetus
  • Low fluids
  • Leg cramps
  • Body pain
  • Breech position
  • Mal position
  • Pre and postpartum depression
  • Immune support
  • Cervical ripening and Inducing labor

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