From My Beautiful Air: Expatriated Life in Buenos Aires, an article by Sharon Salt

Acupuncture is finally gaining awareness in Buenos Aires, and it’s thanks in large part to Lauren Dulberg’s new studio Acupuncture Buenos Aires.

Mantlepiece Acupuncture Buenos Aires

Though there are various practices in the city, one of the first things Lauren told me as she let me into her studio is that there’s no certification regulation in Latin America, so you need to be careful. “There are places in Barrio Chino or doctors who have taken weekend classes, but it’s not at all the same.”

“I have such a deep and high respect for this medicine,” Lauren explained, and she’s not exaggerating. She majored in Anthropology with a focus on Ethnobotany, the study of traditional herbal medicines, at University of Arizona before devoting herself to Chinese medicine. Then, over six years, she studied acupuncture and herbology at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, clocking in over 4000 hours of practice.   (read more)

After a visit with Lauren at Acupuncture Buenos Aires, NOLAChef says “It’s so insane how powerful this stuff is!
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