Best in town!

Acupuncture Buenos Aires is a place to meet with yourself. To find peace of mind and heal the body. One of its specialties is fertility aid.
Dalibor was trained in Canada, one of the countries with the highest penetration of Chinese medicine and culture in the West. By talking with him, you can notice his passion for his profession and for helping people to feel better.
If you are looking for the best acupuncturist in Bunos Aires, you will probably find him at Acupuncture Buenos Aires.
Something to consider, only English is spoken, no one speaks fluent Spanish in the clinic yet, but that should not be an impediment to communicate … especially if you have been able to read this review 😉

-Diego J.

Great Experience. Friendly, Kind and Professional.

Dali and his wife Natasha are an amazing duo. Both myself and my partner have had acupuncture with Dali, we both plan on returning to see Natasha for Holistic Nutritional advising. Dali was very knowledgeable and professional. I have had plenty of acupuncture treatments by various practitioners in Canada and my experience with Dali was on par. The office is beautiful, clean and comfortable and run out of a spacious downtown home. A highly recommended acupuncture experience in Buenos Aires.

-Tracy M.


Fertility – health & good life in general!

We are (with my husband) in the middle of an Acupuncture fertility treatment with Dalibor. He also provides us counseling services that’s help us in our way to eat, to sleep & in health in general. Dalibor is an excellent professional.



Helping me with my PCOS! Great experience…

Dalibor was a tremendous help to help me with my PCOS, which I’ve had from my early 20’s. With a combination of herbs and acupuncture over a 4 month period I was able to control my PCOS and all the symptoms that came with it. He also helped regulate my period!!!!! After being on the pill for many years I am happy to say I my period is back on track. 🙂 Thanks Dali my life is forever changed because of your amazing knowledge and care.”

-Sarah B.



I was quite pleased to find this clinic in Buenos Aires, and Dali’s expertise was exactaly what I needed. I was having problems with my arm and it was affecting my tango dancing. Dali offered warm, professional, effective relief and I would highly recommend his services! Thank you Dali and Nata!

-Sadie S.

Amazing Experience in Buenos Aires!

During my business travel in Argentina I had big problem with jet lag. Three days with insomnia exhausted me totally, so I decided to find help.I was lucky because guy from hotel reception advised me to try with acupuncture.He booked an appointment for me in “Acupuncture Buenos Aires” and I went to Dr. Dalibor Covic. Dalibor was so professional and with three consecutive sessions made my problem past. Because of him I have now nice memories from Buenos Aires.

-Sasha A.


I would highly recommend this clinic and Dali! Professional, clean and highly knowledgeable. I’m impressed.

-Andre M.

First time Acupuncture!

Wonderful experience with Acupuncture my first time! I was visiting BA for a month and decided to see an acupuncturist and herbal medicine doctor for my PMS. Within the month that I was there I saw Dali about 8 times and recieved herbs for 2 weeks…I can whole heartedly say I have never felt better! Dali has the kindest energy and is so helpful! The promo packages made it very affordable. It was a pleasure meeting Dali and his family.



Injured myself training!

I injured myself training pretty severely. I tried physiotherapy which didn’t help much and a friend here in BA recommend Dali and I am so happy he did! My first treatment he decreased my pain almost instantly with inserting needles in my scalp!!!! Yes, scalp helped my legs, hips and shoulders. After only 5 treatments my pain was almost gone. On my initial consultation he also told me things about my heart, live and kidneys – all by taking my pulse! I never told him anything about my fatty liver problem, but he found it through my pulse! I am amazed! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this doctor, Dalibor Covic!

-Dora I.


Best things I have tried!

As a photographer and filmmaker I have back problems for a while. This was one of the best things I have tried. Very nice, clean and tidy place with skillful and interesting doctor Dalibor. Recommendation for everybody with or without back problems.

-Igor C.


Thanks Dali for healing me, I feel so much better!

Dali’s acupuncture is the best I have ever received. One year ago I was on pain pills due to severe migraines . I contacted Dali who treated me successfully from the first moment including other stomach issues. He asked me numbers of questions and then he instructed me to find where the pain is coming from.
Working with Dali has been extremely beneficial in reducing the symptoms that I had been dealing with for years.
I would highly recommend Dali he is an amazing acupuncturist with so much knowledge.

-Ivana J.


Dalibor totally changed my pregnancy experience

I was suffering a lot from sciatic and ligament pains around my lower back, pelvis and hips. It took a few sessions to get rid of the pain completely, however, I instantly felt better with the first session. He has also helped my parents with sinus problems and also diagnose specific stomach problems which they were not aware of. Do I recommend Dalibor Covic? YES YES YES! If you want results without covering up your issues with pain killers and other pharmaceutical drugs and you want to heal whatever your discomfort or disease, then YES start your acupuncture treatments with Dalibor right away.

-Alexandra S.

My experience in acupuncture!

Dali has been treating me for almost two months. At first I was sceptical about acupuncture, as I never had it done before.
My first treatment was my back and shoulders where I had lots of pain from sitting in the same position for many hours and I would get so stiff and painful.
He had released all the tension on my shoulders where I do not have any pain any more.
My second treatment was my migraines where I would get so sick and the pain would not go away. Dali has been doing acupuncture on my head and the headache simply went away. By now I trusted him more and more.
My third treatment was my severe headache where my blood pressure was so high 186/160 I thought I was going to die, Dali has performed ear type acupuncture where after half an hour my blood pressure started to come down and now it has been normal for days.
I truly recommend these treatments as they have worked for me 100% and will continue to visit this clinic as often as I can.

-Sue J.


Knee pain gone in 2 sessions

I had knee pain for many years, with age it got worse. I didn’t believe my friends about Dalibor, until I tried for myself. First session my knee pain was almost instantly gone, by the second session I was amazed, as if I had never had the pain before. Years of pain gone.

-Gule M.


Sciatic & hip pain – gone!

I have been struggling with sciatic pain and hip pain since I found out I was pregnant. My first pregnancy nothing helped, not even Acupuncture – until I saw Dali for Acupuncture. He did this type of scalp acupuncture and there was an instant release!!!! I came 3 times a week for months – just to upkeep this amazing pain free state. Dali hands down has a special gift and truly has a genuine soul – he really wants to help. Thank you, Dali!

-Natalie D.